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Обратная матрица

1-4 класс

Решить уравнением о методу обратной матрицы: 3x+y=9,x-2y-z=5,3x+4y-2z=13

Крис 08 нояб. 2018 г., 9:30:17 (11 дней назад)
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дифференциальое уравнение

найти частное решение дифференциального уравнения ху'=х+у, если у= +1 при х=1

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non woven storage bag set

Name:clothing / Quilt storage bag Product:Storage bags Type:Storage Bags Shape:Square Feature:Folding,Eco-Friendly,Stocked Thickness:11 wire Use:BeddingForm:Three-dimensional TypeModel Applicable Space:Wardrobe Material:Non-Woven Fabric Classification:Set Pattern:Three-dimensional Type Specification:35*42*60cm/48*28*50cm Capacity:35*42*60cm/48*28*50cm L size(approx.):35*42*60cm M size(approx.):48*28*50cm Color:at random Weight(approx.):130-150g Capacity(approx.) :65L So what are packing cubes? They’re travel organizer bags in the shape of cubes with semi-rigid walls and no built in compartments. Depending on the sizes you choose you can fit several into one piece of luggage and each cube can hold a variety of things. If you’re going to be traveling to more that just one place, you probably have to do a lot of packing and unpacking and rummaging through your bags to find things. Backpacking is a pain because you have to rummage through to the bottom to find stuff without really being able to see right in. It can all get a bit tedious. Clothes also get more rumpled when lots of them share a common space. In these instances, having separate cubes to organize your clothes and accessories allows you to remove just the cube you need while leaving everything else still tidy. You know what type of articles are in which cube. When you you unpack at a destination, you just lift out the cubes and put them in drawers till it’s time to move on. Sharing a bag with someone else is also easier if you separate your things using cubes. At security checks, if your bag is inspected you can rest easy knowing that nothing will get messed up. non woven storage bag set website:http://www.vacuum-storage-bag.com/non-woven-bag/non-woven-case-with-vacuum-storage-set/

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Mica Gasket suppliers

Custom Size Mica Material Sheet Gasket Mica gasket is based on mica sheet, laminated from mica impregnate with resin, then processing into gasket and various shapes. Mica is stratiform mineral, its composed of potassium (K), aluminum (AI),magnesium (Mg),Iron(Fe) and lithium(Li).There are different categories of mica, including white mica, phlogopite, biotite and lepidolite (Lithia mica) . White mica is widely used in industry and national defense because it is elasticity, tenacity and insulativity. it is also acid and alkali resistant, and corrosion proof, which can be stripped, with low coefficient of expansion. Application : Arch chutes, Bus bar support, Dynamic breaking resistors, Circuit breaker, Furnace lining, Resistor bank wall, Heated hydraulic presses, Hot press, Forging press, cylindrical resistance heater, Metallurgy industry, High voltage equipments Features: 1.Excellent flame-resistance, the tolerance of highest temperature is 800 °C. 2.Good dielectric strength, the highest break-Voltage is 20KV/mm. 3.Fine bending strength and flexibility. 4.Asbestos-free. 5.Ecologically safe and non-toxic 6.High resistance to pressure Specification: thickness mm0.1~2.0 Mica content %(≥)902.5~1100.1~2.02.5~110 Bond content %(≤)11889088 Density g/cm31.8~2.25121012 Flexural strength N/mm2150~2302.15~2.381.8~2.252.15~2.45 Water absorption 24H/23 % (

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LCD touch screen replacement manufacturers

Topyea was founded in 2009 located in ping hu street, Longgang district Shenzhen ,China. Which is specializing in R&D ,Design, production and sales and serve smart phone LCD screens for iphone ,Mobile phone front glass panel, tempered glass screen protector and so on. Topyea was seeking for the new bleak-through and creating the advantage constantly in the fierce competition market with effective management ground, excellent product quality ,and professional cability of research and develpment since it's founded Topyea developing with a professional and excellent management group,advanced production equipment,Taking the product as enterprise life, and constantly improving and enhancing the product quality, Rely on our superior quality, stable supply and good reputation, our customers are spread worldwide, especially in North America, Europe and Middle East. Quality objectives Full participation , comprehensive management, obey rules to produce each order Environmental policy Consistent with environmental protection laws or regulations Concern employee's health and safety Effective usage and reduce waste Continue improvement in poluttion protectionLCD touch screen replacement manufacturers website:http://www.lcdscreendisplays.com/

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China footrest factory

Specifications *Upholstered in fabric。 *Bronze nailheads and brown PU trim. *Ample storage space. *Turned legs . *load /40HQ;272 PCS Product Description Name: PU bench with tufted and nails Type: Leather Benches, storage bench Specific Use: Home Stool & Ottoman General Use: Home Furniture Appearance: Modern Folded: No About Us We specialized in exporting custom-made furniture for high level hotel, villa, apartment, restaurant, club, wedding hall and so on. So far, we has exported our products to many countries, such as:USA, UK, UAE, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Russia, France, Jamaica, Lithuania, Maldives, South Africa, Spain, Czech, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain,Oman, Singapore, Norway, Australia, Angola, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Brunei, Thailand, India etc.China footrest factory website:http://www.jahomefurniture.com/ottoman/

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