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Truck Battery Charger suppliers

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Our History Through unremitting efforts over 13 years, the scale has leaping development. In 2008,we moved to our new building, and we changed our company name to "Zhejiang Carspa New Energy Co., ltd" (former name is Wenzhou Carspa Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd) in 2011. Established in 2004, Carspa Company located in wenzhou, the largest manufacturing base of low voltage electric equipment in china, and has developed very quickly in this field. With the powerful technology support and advanced production and inspection devices, Carspa products have exported to many regions and many countries. Along with several leading experts, our company has developed a sound operation system consists of manufacturing, studying, researching, marketing, and servicing. We accept OEM and small trial orders, contact us now for more information. All inquiries will be replied within 24 hours. We also cordially welcome all clients to visit us and discuss business and place orders with us by any means of communication. We believe that with our best quality products and your marketing channel, we are certain to establish a lasting mutual benefit cooperation relationship with you. Our Factory Carspa is a professional manufacturer and exporter mainly specialized in researching, developing, manufacturing and designing power inverter, solar charge controller, battery charger, inverter with Charger, DC to DC converter, and other solar related products. Our motto is "Harmony, Sincerity, Creativity and Win-Win". Constantly, we pursue promoting the development of the technology of renewable energy, we try to make great efforts for saving global energy resources, making our future brighter. Our Product We are a high and new technology manufacturer and exporter in China which is mainly specialized in researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing of power inverters which including Mini Car Inverter, modified Sine Wave and Pure Sine Wave Inverter, Battery Charger, Inverter with Charger, DC to DC Converter, Stabilizer, PV On-grid inverter, Micro inverter, Air Purifier& Ozone Sterilizer and other car electrical products, Solar Modules, Solar Inverter, Solar Charge Controller, Solar and Wind System and other solar related products. Also, we deal with some other low voltage electric appliances and power supply products. Product Application Carspa always focus on solving the problem of power shortage and creating a comfortable and harmonious live environment since 2004. Our Certificate Our company has obtained IS09001:2015 quality certificate, CE, RoHS and E-mark etc. certificates. And we have won numerous honors at home and abroad for our good quality, competitive prices and considerate services. Our motto is”Harmony, Sincerity, Creativity and ‘Win-Win’. We have been constantly pursuing to promote the development of the technology of the renewable energy, we try to make great efforts for saving global energy resources, making our future brighter. Production Equipment We have research center in Shenzhen , Guangzhou and Shanghai. and in 2011, we establish our own import&export company ( Wenzhou Sunpulse International Trading Co.,ltd). Production Market Mainly producing power inverter, solar charge controller, battery charger, provides off-grid solar solutions, Carspa exports to Germany, Turkey, Brazil, Italy, Russia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and 69 other countries and regions. Our service Large Resources: Factory as well as trade company, search and offer a huge range of products on your requirements. Technical support: Quality control department, R&D department and engineering department ready to serve you. Choice of customer: business among 78 countries and regions let us be an expert in making customer target products. Cooperation: A chance for you and us to force our step into a new start we always eager to have. Truck Battery Charger suppliers website:http://www.carspasolar.com/

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Manual Call Point factory

Introduction: The emergency door release manual call point is 3 poles with sounder and light. The manual call point are used to allow building occupants to signal that a emergency exists within the building. Specifications Product NameEmergency Door Release Manual Call Point Power supplyDC 12-24V Operation currentDC 12V/18mA(Standby)/75mA(Operation) DC 24V/11mA(Standby)/41mA(Operation) BuzzerSet as silent, interval wailing or continuous wailing IndicatorDual-color (red and green). Red indicator to set blinking,off or on. OutputN.O.N.C.&COM.Output(Maximum load of 125V/3A) MaterialABS,PC(trasparent part) Starting parts typeReusable Starting modeManual pull down plate Reset modeKey reset Weight208g Dimensions90*93*45mm InstallationSurface mounted with screw Features 1.Resetable design,obvious indicators around the edges of the unit. 2.Press the pressing plate to enable the output function. 3.Pressing plate with status (green and red) shown. 4.Reversionary key with non-slip design. 5.Input power range from DC12-24V to connect with all types of alarm system. 6.Built-in buzzer status to set as silent,interval wailing or continuous wailing Volume is adjustable. 7.Easy to assemble,outer case without screws,3 set of output points to connect other equipment,embedded or surface installations to select. Note: only has output point function. Manual Call Point factory website:http://www.yixinalarm.com/manual-call-point/

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Descriptions: Materials: Aluminum frame Unit Dimension: 60x40cm/60x60cm/60x80cm power:12v 1Awholesale LED WRITING BOARD website:http://www.ycty-led.com/led-writing-board/

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