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Laser Hair Removal Machine for sale

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Micro Channel 808nm Diode Laser Principle: Micro channel 808 diode laser hair removal is based on the principle of selective photo thermal thermodynamics. By reasonably adjusting the pulse width of the laser wavelength, the laser can penetrate the skin surface to reach the hair follicles, and the light energy is selectively absorbed by the melanin of hair stem and follicle and transformed into heat damaging hair follicle tissue, and make hair loss regeneration ability. It's a slight pain technology without damaging the surrounding tissue. Because hair follicles endothermic necrosis process is irreversible, therefore, the diode laser can achieve the effect of permanent hair removal. Advantage 1. The 808nm laser can act on different parts of the depth of hair follicles, and is capable to meet all demands of hair removal on the whole body; 2. 11x11mm, 10x17mm big spot size ensures faster, smooth and effective treatment; 3. Super sapphire touch cooling patented system ensures painless and comfortable treatment; 4. No consumable and less maintenance expense after purchase 5. With a longer wavelength, almost no laser scattering on epidermis, the treatment is much safer, particularly for darker skin; 6. Microchannel cooling technology of semi-conductor array ensures steady emitting when the frequency is 10 HZ; 7. Plug & play handle enables easy transport and lower the maintenance cost 8. 24 hours non-stop working. Super cooling system A. Water cooling, B. air cooling, C. semi-conductor cooling D. TEC Cooling. E. Sapphire touch cooling F. Compressor cooling G. Micro channel cooling chips Application 1. Best for fast, safe, painless and permanent hair removal on areas like face, arms, armpits, chest, back, bikini, legs and etc. It is also with skin rejuvenation function. 2. Whether you have light, dark or tanned skin, coarse or fine hair, our hair removal solutions achieve maximum results for all areas of the body with treatments that are safe, quick and best of all- virtually painless. Specification Energy Fluence0-120J/cm2 Wavelength808nm Frequency1Hz~10Hz Skin Cooling Temp.-5ºC--5ºC by cooled Sapphire Spot Size11x11mm or 10x17mm optional LanguageEnglish/Italian/Spanish/Portuguese and etc. Touch Screen10.4' Cooling SystemCompressor, Water&TEC cooling and fan air cooling,micro channel cooling chips Input VAC220VAC / 50-60Hz or 110VAC / 50-60Hz Frame Size60cmx60cmx66cm Weight45KG Power400W 600W 1200W Energy Fluence0-120J/cm3Laser Hair Removal Machine for sale website:http://www.fdbeautylaser.com/hair-removal-machine/laser-hair-removal-machine/

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wholesale Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate

Expanding agent magnesium chloride CHINA WEIFANG LH BRAND 46%min magnesium chloride Test item Specification ARCP Appearance Conform ConformAssay (MgCl2) /%≥98.0≥97.0 PH5.0~6.55.0~6.5 Clarify degrees test Conform Conform Ethanol dissolve experiment Conform Conform Water insoluble/%≤0.005≤0.01 Phosphate(PO4) /%≤0.001≤0.002 Sulfate (SO4) /%≤0.005≤0.01 N /%≤0.005≤0.01 Calcium (Ca) /%≤0.05≤0.01 Iron (Fe) /%≤0.0005≤0.001 Barium strontium (Ba and Sr) /%≤0.005≤0.005 Heavy metal (Pb) /%≤0.0005≤0.001 Magnesium Chloride For food additive. Specifications: Magnesium chloride granule 1.Food grade 2.White small granular in 60mesh 3.Good fluidity and solubility 4.The content is 47% Characters: White, odorless, bitter, easily soluble in water. Being put in wet air, it's easy to get itself wet. Decompose to hydrogen chloride and magnesium oxide in a high temperature. Application: -It can be used as the coagulant in making tofu and other kinds of bean products -It is a necessary raw materials of cosmetic as the mineral substances supplements and moistening agent -It is a mineral substances fortifier in healthy food,energy beverage and other sports drink. Packing bag: It's packed with three kraft papers and one PE as the inner layer, and a compound plastic woven bag as the outer layer. Advantage: -The raw materials were chosen from the salt lake which has 200 million years with less impurities and heavy metals. -We have passed Hlalal, FFC7, E511 certification. -To meet the requirements of CAC, we established a perfect GMP, SSOP, HACCP management system. -It is 18 kilometers away from harbor and railway, thus we enjoy very convenient transportation. We can OEM different chemical magnesium chloride product as different request. 1.Q: Are you a manufacturer or trading company? A: We are manufacturer. 2.Q: Where is your factory located? How can I visit there? A: Our factory is located in shandong, China, you can fly to qingdao, china 3.Q: Min.Order Quantity of your products can be changed? A: Yes, Min.Order Quantity can be changed. 4.Q: What is the payment terms? A: L/C , T/T 5.Q: How does your factory do regarding quality control? A: Our factory has gained CIQ, SGS authentications etc. 6. Q: How long is the leading time? A: Within 15days after everything is confirmed. Package We can do your order package and satisfy your requirement.wholesale Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate website:http://www.dylhhb.com/magnesium-chloride-hexahydrate/

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Chlorine Dioxide suppliers

1. Product Name Chlorine Dioxide 8% 2. Basic Parameters Chlorine Dioxide 8% Inspection ItemsParameter AppearanceWhite Tablets Clo2 Content≥ 8.0% Density1.8-1.9g/cm3 PH1.5-2.5 AS Content≤ 0.0003% Heavy Metal (Pb)≤ 0.002% Water Content≤1% 3. Features Chlorine dioxide is a good disinfectant and strong oxidizer. Chlorine dioxide is a kind of chlorine containing preparation.also a kind of safety and high efficiency disinfectant. In the case of high temperature or exposure, it will decompose.So it should be kept in dark place. 4. Advantages 1. Prompt shipment with professional documents 2. Packing as your request, with photo before shipment 3. We will provide you with professional loading. 5. Usage Scenarios(Swimming pool, sauna, Hot spring, Spa) 6. Packing and Transportation 25kg woven plastic bag lined with double plastic bags; One-ton plastic bag; 50kg fiber drums; 1-5kg plastic pail; 10kg plastic pail; 50kg plastic drums; Or packing according to buyer's demand. 7.FAQ 1. Q1: Are you a manufacturer? A: Yes, We are the manufacturer involved in this line for more than 10 years. 2. Q2: Do you have stock? A: We understand most customers prefer stock, so we'll try to keep stock for most products. However, for some rare products, we won't keep stock and it needs time to synthesize. 3. Q3: How should I pay? A: We accept all kinds of payment ways. such as Alibaba trade Assurance, T/T, L/C etc.Chlorine Dioxide suppliers website:http://www.developchem.com/swimming-pool-chemical/chlorine-dioxide/

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Bag Folding Machine manufacturers

Plastic Folding Machine Technical Parameters Voltage50Hz 380V/220V Power2.5kw Diameter of unwinder600mm Width of unwinder1300-1600mm Diameter of rewinder600mm Feeding speed80m/min Plastic Folding Machine Features 1.Frequency control 2.PLC man-machine interface control, the PC microcomputer control (optional) 3.Unwinding automatic correction, magnetic powder brake tension 4.Tension control manual and automatic (optional) 5.Automatic meter 6.Rewinding tension magnetic powder 7.clutch control Income, unwinding inflatable axis 8.Insert pearl film, ultrasonic embossing seal line 9.Automatically on the tape Plastic Folding Machine Applications Automatic error-correction plastic folding machine major producer of BOPP, HDPE, POF hot-melt tablets, side sealing bag in front of the fold forming device. Our Main Plastic Folding Machine Our Workshop Packing & Delivery Our Certificates Our Services 1. We guarantee fix for the equipment for 1 Year and only change spare parts which belong to the bad quality of equipment in one year(except man-made causation) 2. Debugging and Installation:Seller delegates engineers to RECIPIENT to make a supervision of correct installation, commissioning and provide training by asking of Buyer. Buyer will pay for round trip tickets, habitations, food for Seller’s engineers, and USD100 per day for subsidy. FAQ 1. Q: Are you a factory or trading company? A:We are factory .we are bag folding machines, film blowing machines, bag making machines, slitting machines and other related machines manufacturer nearly 28 years. 2. Q: Where is your factory located? How can I visit there? A:Our factory is located in Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, China. The nearest airport is Sunan Shuofang airport, From Shanghai to Jiangyin by air about 1 hour. we can go Sunan Shuofang airport pick you. 3. Q: How about you to keep the quality and th after—sales service? A:Our idea is“QUALITY IS THE FIRST IS THE MAOST IMPORTANT". We insit for the long time business, not once time business. From beginning to end, we will reply and try to solve within 12 hours. 4. Q: How about the payment term? A: For new customer, our payment terms is 30% T/T in advance before production, the balance 70% should be paid before delivery. 5. What about warranty and do the engineers available to overseas? A: One year warranty. During this period, if the machine has some problems, our engineers can go abroad to fix for you. But buyer need provided the ticket, food, hotel cost etc. 6.What about the service after sale? A: One you have bought our machine, you can call us or email us telling us the machine problems and any questions about the machines. We will reply to you with 12 hours and help you to slove the problem. 7.How about machine testing? A: If you come,we will test machine with you toghther,If you need special material to test,please take it.If you can’t come.we will test it by ourselves and send the video to you for your reference. Bag Folding Machine manufacturers website:http://www.beiguomachine.com/bag-folding-machine/

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Products For Men treatment

Prostatic Navel Plaster Product name:prostate patches Product introduction:This product is a external health care product and is suitable for external patches for male prostate discomfort. Ingredients: Prunella vulgaris, Phellodendron, Earthworm, Safflower, Porcelain soap, Curcuma, cinnamon, woody, fennel, wall-breaking Locust pollen, magnolia, borneol Health efficacy:This product is a external health care product that can promote blood circulation, collateral circulation, phlegm and is used for the care of prostate discomfort. Conpany standard:Q/XSY03-2012 License:Shaanxi Health Insurance Card No.04010068 Instruction:External use. Adhere to the navel(Shenque),Before cleaning, clean the area and dry it. Take this product and remove it. Remove the edge of the non-woven tape and align it with the navel. Apply it one at a time, once for two days. Each month is a use cycle. Specification:1.5g/paste;3 paste/box;4paste/box Shelft life:24 months Storage method: sealed, placed in a cool dry place. Taboo:1、Umbilical skin damage,Allergic person used with caution。2、few people appear reddish and itchy after using this product, and disappear after being disabled.,Or fix this product with other medical tape. For localized reactions in continuous use, and blisters in severe cases, this product can be deactivated by conventional surgical treatment. Factory address:Xi’an Shaanxi province, China Male prostatitis symptoms cute bacterial infection prostatitis: is the most rare prostatitis, the symptoms are usually sudden and severe, including: Fever, chills, joint pain Lower back pain, perineum (position between the anus and scrotum), testicular and penile pain Frequent urination, pain when urinating Cannot completely clear the urine in the bladder Urinary retention Ejaculation pain Feeling painful when you are anxious or defecate Shipping policy: 1.All the items will be shipped within 1-3 days by Airmail after confirm order. 2.Most times you will receive your order within 10-30 business days after we transfer your package to the delivery company. We cannot guarantee the delivery timeframe if the post office has any unexpected delays due to holiday, weather, customs, or other conditions. Some countries like Russia, Brazil, or some European countries may take up to 50 days or longer for delivery. 3.We appreciate your patience if you haven't received items in 30 days(Russian customers may need more patience by reason of the local delivery system and/or customs). If you are concerned in any way, please feel free to contact us via Alibaba message instead of leaving negative/neutral feedback or opening a dispute. We will make every effort to fix any problem(resend or refund any missing item). 4.Customs duty is obligation and liability of a citizen in your country, so buyer should be responsible for any tax and custom duty incurred. Generally, the delay or failure delivery is sometimes caused by the policy of different customs. For example, Laser Pointer is unacceptable in some countries. Therefore, please double check your local customs policy carefully before purchase. Or, we will NOT be responsible for any failure delivery related destination customs issue. After-Sale Service 1.Once you get the package, please let us know your idea on our goods, packaging and service. 2.The products with problems could be replaced with ratio 1:1 3.Any problems will be answered within 24hours 4.If you need us to improve the service, please feel free to contact us or email us. 5.If you think highly of our products, please introduce our store to your family and your friends. Products For Men treatment website:http://www.ywcherb.com/health-products/products-for-men/

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Dual LCD Cash Register suppliers

Sunany Technology Limited is a professional POS hardware manufacturer, based in Bantian High-Tech industrial park Shenzhen, China. From 2012, we have focused on professional POS system production, both our staffs and factories are fully skilled in POS producing. Touch screen POS, all in one POS, Handheld POS, Thermal Printer, other POS peripherals and electronic shelf label are our main products. OEM & ODM orders are also highly welcomed to us. We have strictly raw material check to control the quality from the beginning, professional process quality controlling during the whole production to make our production process running stable and reliable, fully inspection for all the finished products to confirm all the products are in good condition when delivery to our customers. There is an independent quality management team handling the production quality system of the whole company. All our products have CCC, CE, FCC, RoHS, CB and REACH certificates. We always keep our focus on quality improving, conformance with ISO9001 standard. Now we are providing professional POS service for about 560 customers from over 39 countries, the products are widely used in retail, recreation and catering area, which builds the customers’ strong cooperation confidence. We are providing the most optimized products to meet our customers’ various application. With the payment industry fast developing and changing, SUNANY insists on innovation, and continues release the new and attractive products to adjust the market, which make our customers more successful. Milestones 2018/3 Started the global marketing plan 2017/12 Became the Shenzhen top 20 in POS industry 2017/9 Reached strategic cooperation with Allwinner 2016/5 Contracted with YEEPAY 2015/9 Developed 25 oversea agents, products started entering the oversea markets 2015/3 Sunany was founded, a new brand for own products 2012/10 OEM for UnionPay 2012/6 LEADCHAM was founded, a POS hardware manufacturer Dual LCD Cash Register suppliers website:http://www.sunany.com/

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