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Auto Lighting System for TOYOTA PRADO

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Model Number:T34-G7-A OEM NO.53101-60670 Product name: grille Material:No camera hole Applicable models:TOYOTA 2010 PRADO 4000 GRJ150 Applicable models year:2010-2013 Packing Details: 1. we can design the packing by your requirements but with bigger quantity 2. if need wooden pallets, the customer needs to pay for the wooden pallet charges Welcome to buy the factory supply grille body kit for toyota land cruiser prado 4000 grj150 car auto parts with low price from SPORAX. Coming in high quality and fine workmanship, the product made in China won't let you down.Auto Lighting System for TOYOTA PRADO website:http://www.sporaxap.com/for-mercdes-benz-s-class/body-parts-and-accessories-for-toyota-prado/.

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CNC Horizontal knee and column milling machine Main Specification Item Unit Specs PrecisionHigh Precision Worktable Size (WXL)mm21500×1000 Pass Widthmm1900 T-SLOTT-slot Widthmm22 T-slot Pitchmm220 Spindle to Table Distance mm150-800 Spindle Number BT50 Spindle Rotation Speedsr/min10-4000 Spindle TorqueNm400 Travel Longitude(X)mm1295 Lateral(Y)mm1500 Vertical(Z)mm650 In Feeding SpeedsLongitude(X)mm/min10-8000 Lateral(Y)mm/min10-6000 Vertical(Z)mm/min10-3000 Fast In Feeding SpeedLongitude(X)mm/min10000 Lateral(Y)mm/min8000 Vertical(Z)mm/min4000 Spindle Servo PowerKw30 In Feeding Servo PowerLongitude(X)Nm28.4X4 Lateral(Y)Nm18.6X2 Vertical(Z)Nm28.4 Positioning Accuracymm0.02/10000.01/1000 Re-positioning Accuracymm0.020.01 Max Worktable WeightT6 Applications This machine is bridge type vertical machine center with horizontal moving beam occupies a small area and has great bearing capacity. Milling, boring, drilling, and tapping all these processes can be made in one clamping. This machine is used to the automobiles, motorcycles, printing machinery, textile machinery, vehicles and other machinery manufacturing industry for the parts processing. Main Features a. The main features of machine tool are: worktable and the wall beam are the overall structure, all of the transmission parts, guide rail are elevated a meter above the worktable, improves the protection grade. The layout is Reasonable and advanced, the appearance is beautiful. The lateral, longitudinal and vertical guide rail adopts large size roller linear guide rail, it has the peculiarities of high sensitivity. Transmission adopts precision gear and rack. Longitudinal, lateral and head adopts double motor to backlash; vertical adopts gravity backlash; longitudinal transmission and beam lifting all equipped with double drive, column, beam good synchronization, the machine spindle is motorized spindle with central water cooling function. The complete machine is of good rigidity, high precision and high stability. b. The machine tool control system can configure SIEMENS system, FANUC system, SYNTEC system and AC servo motor. c. CNC system adopts man machine conversation, so menu selection, background edits and programming function is powerful and easy to learn. Large memory capacities, perfect diagnostic function, display the alarm message, easy to maintenance. It has the pitch compensation and cutter compensation function. d. According to customer requirements, CNC control system can configure any brand. e. Cutter have automatic assemble and unassembled function, adopts knife library. f. The machine tool adopts automatic timing quantitative lubrication device. We take pride in introducing us as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of high speed high precision 5 axis horizontal machine center to you. Providing you with customized service and low price, we warmly welcome you to check the quotation with us.Horizontal Machine Center quotation website:http://www.shanyicnc.com/machine-center/horizontal-machine-center/.

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BaoJi Yuan Da Metal Materials Co., Ltd. Was established in 1994,located in Baoji,Shaanxi,is well known as the largest specialized base for production,development and marketing of refractory metal.The major products include billets,plates/sheets,foils,tubes,bars,wires,shapes,forgings castings,powder metallurgical products,clad materials and downstream products(equipment)made of titanium,tungsten,molybdenum,niobium,zirconium,hafnium,nickel,and their alloys.The products are widely applied in various fields,such as geology,petroleum,chemical,medical and military industry. The complete quality control system and testing equipment assure the reliable products with high quality.The products are sold in domestic market,as well as oversea market,including Japan,South Korea,Europe and American. ☆ Our Team ☆ ☆Factory Production Equipment☆ ◆Incipient Fusion Machine Through stages of heating and insulationsystems, product gap exclude volatile impurities and other unwanted impurities such as oxygen, final processing organization. ◆Butt Welder Used for welding various parts,tubes, profiles, solid parts, such as, wide range of applications, are an economic and efficient method of welding. ◆Reduction Furnace Mainly applies to the base material such as tungsten, molybdenum in a climate of high temperature and restore production of the metal powder products. ◆Vacuum Drying Equipment By packaging container within the air reservation after vacuum, removing parts of water in the container equipment, achieve the objective material drying. While in the dry mixture, or built-in shower, filtering, grinding, and so the device can achieve its multifunctional operations. ◆Vacuum Annealing furnace Rare metal products for continuous bright annealing, solution, demagnetization and quenching furnace for stainless steel. ◆Medium Frequenc Induction Furnace For non-ferrous metal smelting and heating for forging,heattreatment and so on. ◆Rolling Mill General cold and hot rolled, cold-rolled and hot-rolled machine.Mill is mainly through strong pressure, not shaped billet rolling pipe, needs such as sheet metal shapes. processed niobium sheet suppliers website:http://www.rmd-1994.com/.

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Nantong ntec Monofilament Technology Co.,Ltd is one of high-tech enterprises in China,specialized in monofilament yarn for 15 years, products are widely used in filter cloth,screen printing mesh, geotextile,warp knitting mesh,garden tools and sports,annual sales of $50 million,China first.It adopts complete set of drawing machine and technologies from SAHM of Germany, test and analysis instrument from Japan to ensure the products quality,The annual production capacity reaches 12,000 tons,china first. At NTEC, R&D is the key word in order to fit the needs of our clients, now, our group has 28 senior technical staff members, has 3 doctors and 10 graduate students of Polymer Materials,and has established close cooperative relationships with Donghua University, Suzhou University. NTEC group has established an integrated management team for the development, production, sales and after-sales service. We have successfully developed the markets in Europe, the United States, Canada, Turkey, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America and South Africa. NTEC group sincerely hopes to cooperate with friends from at home and abroad, for jointly creating a better future! Fluorocarbon Line website:http://www.ntecmonofil.com/.

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Hangzhou GSR-Threads Tools Co.,Ltd is one of branch companies under GSR Group, which focus on "threads cutting tools", "threads repairing tools" etc. The headquarter of GSR Group is located in Remscheid of Germany. As a mother company, GSR Germany (GSR Gustav Stursberg GmbH) is in charge of business operation of whole Group, including: Marketing, GSR Brand Promotion, Products Research, Quality Supervision, Production Design and High-End Customizing. GSR CHINA: HANGZHOU GSR-THREADS CO.,LTD, follows the Quality idea with more than 100-year history from GSR Germany, with nearly 10-year researching and developing in China market, we have built up several professional production lines and with more than 250 workers in our Team. we mainly produce high quality "Threads cutting tools" and "Threads repairing tools" like TAPS, DIES, WRENCHES, and SCREW EXTRACTORS etc. Meanwhile, we GSR China are also responsible with GSR Brand Promotion and Sales in China and Asia, including GSR High-End Customizing (Made in Germany) for costumers.Precision is in the Details, is our no-ending pursuit. Please trust on us, with your choice and support, we can have next 100 years together! Activities of others Branches under GSR Group: GSR Russia: for GSR Brand Promotion and Sales in Eastern Europe centered by Russia located in St. Petersburg. GSR Turkey: for GSR Brand Promotion and Sales in Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern area located in Istanbul. GSR Iran: for GSR Brand Promotion and Sales in Iran located in Tehran. China metric hand taps website:http://www.gsrthreading.com/.

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SAN MIN GEARS We have simple roller chains & bushing chains, triplex roller chains & bushing chains, triplex roller chains & bushing chains , multiple stand roller chains.Straight Side Plates suppliers website:http://www.gear-gears1.com/.

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