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buy Fir White Christmas Tree

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Quzhou HanYin gift facotry is registered in HongKong. We have own factory ( Quzhou Winga Gift Co., Ltd. ) located in Zhejiang Province, China, Covering 3000 square meters. The factory was founded in 2007 year with stable quality and crafts' system. As a productive enterprise, we operate the whole process from designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing. Specializing in manufacturing high-grade Christmas tree. Such as PE Christmas tree, PVC Christmas tree, Fiber optical tree and Mixed Pine needle tree. Also we have Christmas garland, wreath, Christmas ball and Led light. Christmas tree crafts need lots of work force. Tree main material is PE or PVC, using professional machine pull the long leave out. getting it cuted into requested size to fit the Christmas tree style. The most important craft is Wrapping the branches. if not skilled worker, may cause much quality problems. As a stable factory, it's easy for us to solve.we have enough local workers servicing in every process of mass production. More than 3 R&D and 3 QC who strictly control the product's quality of every link in the production process to ensure the high quality of products. The last step is setting trees and packed. Different package based on clients' need. We are a major force in western festival gifts exporing in China, obtaining good reputation among Europe, America, Oceania etc. Having strong sensitivity of marketing in the Christmas tree. 90% of our products are exported overseas. our products ( PE christmas tree, PVC christmas tree ) have CE, Rohs, Reach certificate. Each year we appear in Canton fair, other big fairs to establish more cooperation abroad. Christmas tree fair shows: After over ten years of development, we have stable market and won good reputation among clients. Your idea is our concern. All of our team always work hard and share with you. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any interest in our items and we believe you will obtain more surprise.buy Fir White Christmas Tree website:http://www.hanyin-christmastree.com/

patta520 13 марта 2018 г., 11:42:11 (5 месяцев назад)
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